$50 per 5,000 leads collected

B2B Email Leadgeneration

Information is collected in the following 3 ways. In the collection method based on Google Business profile, a two-file excel file is sent to you, where one file contains the address, website and contact number (if any) and the second file contains all the collected emails. In the collection method based on business keywords, the first Excel file does not have contact numbers and addresses and only links to websites.

  • Jobs around your business
  • Categories of jobs in city or desired country
  • By searching for your business keywords on Google
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Local businesses looking to collect business information around them.
2. Collect categories of desired jobs in the target city or country.

The information is in the form of two Excel files, one of which contains the name of the job, phone and website, and the second file contains all the emails collected from the websites.

You can use emails to send cold emails, phones to cold call, and websites to connect with business social networks.

You can use international phones to communicate with landlines and mobile phones. Their tariffs are different for different countries. For example, for America it is 1 dollar per hour.

By sending bulk emails, you can introduce your service and product and track an appointment in the opened emails. (You can use different email formulas for different purposes)

Yes ; If you don't have an email sending panel, you can use our Robmailer email sending services.

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