Carnival B2B email marketing service

Sending 100,000 monthly Emails to different businesses all over the world in an e-mail campaign with the participation of 10 customers along with tracking the Emails opened during the campaign execution.

  • 99% of emails to inbox
  • Full report panel
  • Full email marketing package
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Frequently Asked Questions

100,000 emails per month and 1,200,000 emails per year and more than 300,000 emails to open emails and a total of 1,500,0000 emails per year.

At least 10% per month and about 30% in a year. (Campaigns sent to opened emails are repeated 6 times during the year).

More than 99% of emails go to Inox and the email sending protocols are fully observed and can be seen in the reports.

No, you can pay $50 monthly from one month to 12.

The real value of this service is $500 per month and $6000 per year. But because the cost is divided between 10 customers, each customer pays 50 dollars per month and 600 dollars per year.

This panel is run twice a month on the first and fifteenth of every month.

Before ordering this service, send us your website through the form on this page. We will check it within 24 hours and let you know the result by email.

Questions and service request

To use this email marketing service, send us your site to check eligibility and ask your questions.

SAAS companies and sites that intend to sell their service to all businesses around the world.

All emails are collected from target sites and businesses and this service is only suitable for B2B email marketing.

Yes, Carnival Plan customers are a collection of 10 websites and the email list is collected according to the target audience of all the websites.

Since these emails are related to business, more than 95% of them are opened via desktop. You can see it in the dashboard reports.

Every week on Sunday by logging into the user panel (campaigns are running 6 days a week and the user panel is closed for customers during the run.)

No, in this plan we use the validity of our own domains to send emails. And all stages of the email marketing campaign are carried out by Rabmiler's team. And you can see the reports on the panel every Sunday.

The content of the 10 participating sites in this campaign will be placed in the email template in order, and we will send different templates and content to the opened emails 6 times a year.

At the beginning of the campaign, the placement priority is based on the purchase of the service, and in the following weeks, the placement in the template will change.

80% in English and 20% in other languages, which includes the email text and target emails.

Suggest a value in the email content that users will accept. You can offer a free value to get the user started with your service.

You should design your sales funnel based on user behavior, analyze user behavior and constantly optimize it.

Use a heat map service to see user behavior and from which parts of your site users leave. (Soon we will add a free heat map service to the Carnival plan and you can use it.)