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Email Marketing Software

As an Email Service Provider (ESP), Rabmailer facilitates the sending of mass emails to a list of subscribers. All businesses, organizations and marketers can use this service to communicate with their audience, send promotional offers, newsletters, updates and other types of information.
Marketing platform included:

  • Add submission domains
  • Create and manage email campaigns
  • Enter your subscriber list to send emails
  • Create and design email templates
  • Ability to schedule emails
  • Receiving reports and tracking campaign performance (includes opening rate, click rate, bounce rate and conversion rate.)
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Reporting & Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

In this plan, you can send 20,000 emails to 10,000 contacts.

From the time of charging and purchase, your panel service can be used for 3 months, and unlike all service providers whose validity period is monthly, Robmiller's panel is valid for 3 months.

Yes, the Rabmailer team supports you in all stages. There are also training videos on how to use the panel on the site.

Yes, after running each campaign, you can check the sending reports in your user panel. The reports include opening rate, click rate, bounce rate and conversion rate.

Yes, the panel has the facilities to create the format of your email. You can also easily use templates outside the program and upload them to the panel.

Campaign Manager
Comparative Reporting
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AI Assistant
A/B Testing
Reporting & Analytics
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Design HTML Landing Page
Design Email Template

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